Your DCC Board of Directors agreed to make the following temporary changes to our meeting format to allow our referral group the opportunity to continue to meet during this challenging time.The board is putting a “ratification vote” up to the members to confirm the actions the board took. 

Please review the items and vote that you approve or disapprove of the changes made. Voting will be from 5PM Friday the 5th through 5PM Monday the 8th. Your votes will be anonymous and the results will be shared at our next meeting. Reminder, we are now doing 10 minute Member Spotlights during our weekly meeting.  

Thank you all for your participation. Temporary changes are: 

1. Zoom meetings until further notice. 

2. Reduce dues to $75 for H2 – Open a DCC Zoom Account 

3. Possibly suspend Member Spotlights until “live” meetings. It was suggested to have a 4-5 minute spotlight which is a possibility. 

4. Allow six absences per term. 

5. Require 4 referrals per term – The majority of DCC members are in service (essential) businesses so I don’t think 4 is unreasonable.

6. Request that the church provide us first right of refusal to secure the meeting place through 12/31/2020. 

7. Start meeting at 7:30 and limit to one hour.  

8. Hold elections as scheduled for the next term. Vice President and Treasurer. 

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