When and where does DCC meet?

We meet from 7–8:30 a.m. every Wednesday at First Southern Baptist Church, 4300 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

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What happens at each week’s meeting?

DCC is structured around proven techniques for increasing business referrals. Each week, our members give a brief update on who they are, their recent business achievements, and the types of referrals they’re looking for. This helps train all members to market each business in the group. Each week, one member gives a more detailed overview of the goods and services it offers. Finally, members pass new business referrals each week. Return to questions.

May I visit DCC?

Yes! Visitors may attend two of our weekly meetings at no charge. Please feel welcome to learn more about us, and we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about you. Return to questions.

Who may join DCC?

Any business professional may join, but membership is limited to one representative per occupation (e.g., banker, electrician, real estate agent). Members must represent their primary full-time occupation. If your occupation is not currently represented in DCC, you may be eligible to join. As a prospective member, you may attend two DCC meetings before joining the group. Return to questions.

How much does DCC cost?

DCC memberships run in six-month terms. Each six-month term costs $100. New members who join after a term has begun pay a prorated amount depending on the week the member joins. Return to questions.

What does membership require?

Members are required to attend weekly meetings and give a minimum of six bona fide referrals per six-month term. A bona fide referral is a genuine, potential client that you as a member have communicated with about the services of a fellow member. Three absences are allowed during every six month session. Members may also avoid an absence by sending a substitute in their stead. Return to questions.

How many referrals can I expect if I join DCC?

Networking and business development is a crucial part of DCC. By attending meetings each week, sharing success stories, giving bona fide referrals to others, attending member social events, and making an effort to learn about each others’ businesses, members begin to feel comfortable with each other. Once the level of confidence has reached a point where the new member is respected and trusted, referrals have historically followed. Return to questions.

Do members participate in events other than weekly meetings?

DCC has member social events throughout the year. We also select local charities as a group and raise funds for them. Participation in these extra events is optional but encouraged to build trust for referrals. Return to questions.