New Business

“Since joining DCC, my business has enjoyed several thousands in new business referrals. But over time, I found I was attending because I had made some great friends. DCC has been a very positive experience for both my business and me personally.” —Joe Jarvis, Tallgrass Legal

Diverse Membership

“What really impressed me about DCC was the diverse membership and the welcoming atmosphere. The group was professional but relaxed and with several service industry-oriented members such as a roofer, plumber, electrician, builder and an exterminator to name a few. These were people I felt comfortable with and I knew that I would be able to contribute to their businesses by referring new customers to them. Since joining this group I have enjoyed many benefits, including business growth from the quality referrals I have received, knowledge from the educational segments, I’ve had the opportunity to work on my shyness when meeting new people, and the one-minute infomercial that we each do has helped me relax with public speaking.” —Becki Kersten, Buckingham Palace Housecleaning

Community Leaders

“Douglas County Connections has played a major role in the growth of Seamless Data Systems. Since becoming a member of DCC in 2012, I have had the pleasure of getting to know all the members that make up our referral group, all of whom are respected and valuable members of our Lawrence community. Their referrals to Seamless are invaluable and they all make it very easy for me to refer them to the people that I connect with. If you are looking for a referral group to join, I encourage you to come see what’s happening at Douglas County Connections.” —Bobette Puderbaugh, Seamless Data Systems

Nice People

“DCC has really benefited my business by exposing my company to the other members of DCC and showing them what we do. I enjoy the meetings and the opportunity to hear what each member does. I also believe we do have just genuinely nice people in the group. I would encourage other business people to join.” —Richard Njoroge, Laser One Pest Management