We have a new round of funds available that DCC will be donating thanks to our growing bank account this year in lieu of no expenses.  Our community is hurting right now and this is a great time for our money to make a difference.  Here are a few suggestions and we welcome more before our vote on March 31st.

Lawrence Family Promise, in light of the increasing homelessness situation, they have been not only coordinating places for homeless families to stay, but have also been providing assistance to families who have been unable to pay rent or utilities.

KSPHQ- (Formerly known as Headquarters Counseling Center)  During the pandemic, many of us are struggling with our mental health and some are in desperate need of someone to talk to.  The Kansas Suicide Prevention Headquarters is a local organization that serves the entire State of Kansas in counseling services with a focus on suicide prevention.

The Sunrise Project – This local charity has a deep community focus with an emphasis on food and health.  They fund several projects in the community including youth mentorship programs as well as the Lawrence Fruit Tree Project and they operate a Community Garden.

The Lawrence Schools Foundation – This is well known charity that supports the Lawrence School District through a multitude of funds.  They currently are raising funds to help purchase masks and cleaning supplies as students return to full in person classes 03/29/21.

DCC will be offering $2000 for our donation this time and we also ask our members to throw in as well.  We usually ask for a minimum donation of $25, but feel free to do more if you can!

Thank you all for your participation.

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